Monday, 14 November 2016

Points to Remember while Buying Property for Sale in Ahmedabad

Whether you are planning to buy commercial or residential property in Ahmedabad, or elsewhere, you must keep these pointers in mind

In case you are looking for decent avenues to park your surplus cash in, property for sale in Ahmedabad is certainly the right way to go. Along with investing in bonds and stocks, you may like to buy property (both residential and commercial) as an investment; rest assured, in most cases, the ensuing returns will be worth your money. The following pointers pertaining to buying commercial or residential Property in Ahmedabad will help you move forward in the right direction.

Capital growth: One of the most important considerations while purchasing property pertains to its capital growth. Go for the areas that have the scope of further development. It is a good idea to invest in properties that are likely to fetch double their current price in 5-6 years. If you are confused, choose to get in touch with a real estate developer in Ahmedabad, or his agent, to get more inputs.
Rental profit: In case you desire to give out your purchased property on rent, then choose one that will be more attractive from the tenant’s point of view. As dealing with tenants may prove to be cumbersome, it is essential to maintain your property in the prime of condition at all times.
Location: Instead of investing in a lesser known neighborhood, you may want to invest in a well-known and familiar area. Finding the right property in the area known to you will be less time consuming and stressful as you can keep on searching for the right property when you are at work, interacting with locals, or meeting brokers at home. In case you find a more promising area that may not breed familiarity, do good research.
Others: The other important factors to be considered are proximity to educational institutions and commercial centers; easy distance to the nearest hospitals and health care facilities; convenient commuting possibilities; accessibility to entertainment centers, malls, theatres, playgrounds; etc.

Are you ready to invest in the right residential property in Ahmedabad? Do keep these points of consideration in mind; you will be glad you did.

Top Real Estate Developers in India Provide Double Bonanza for Buyers

With the top real estate developers in India creating many opportunities for their buyers to indulge in, the going cannot get any better for real estate investments in India
The fever for buying homes never goes down. Be it the festive season or times of recession, home buying is an important investment that makes the top real estate developers in India offer many golden opportunities to their buyers. They strive to lure in more investments with new project features and more lucrative discounts. If you happen to be one such buyer who is seeking his dream home at the most reasonable rates, then you have many smiles coming your way in the form of attractive rates of interest facilitated by banks, as well as confidence gaining measures by real estate developers.
The banks are making positive moves, and real estate developers like Radhe Developers (India) Ltd: are putting in more efforts to make the market move in the right direction. Take a look at how Radhe Developers, banking institutions and big players in the real estate world are luring home buyers like you.
  • It is expected that the rate cut by the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) will be eventually passed forward to the borrowers. Also with the Marginal Cost of Lending Rates (MCLR) rate related to SBI being cut down significantly, home loan borrowers are breathing a sigh of relief. The other leading banks may follow suit, thereby leaving home buyers with more attractive options to invest in.
  • Most bankers are dangling carrots like 50 per cent off on their attractive interests’ rates, reduced processing fees, flexible repayment tenure, no foreclosure and prepayment charges, etc.
  • Observing the current real estate market scenario, Indian developers are expecting their sales to pick up soon, thereby making their unsold inventory level go down. This in turn is sending out positive signals in the market. With more and more deals and discounts attracting homebuyers through various types of media advertisements, the overall demand for home purchase is on the rise.

Whether you are keen to invest in affordable housing projects or have a desire to reside in the projects built by the top real estate developers in India, just go ahead with your plans – the right time is now.